Te Kura

Graphic Designer 2016 – 2017

In 2016 I began working as a graphic designer for Te Kura, New Zealand’s correspondence school. As a designer at Te Kura, I worked on digitally designing lessons for the students. I worked alongside teachers, audio, and visual staff to deliver digital education experiences that encourage, excite, and engage students in their education.


During my time at Te Kura, I also worked on the website redesign team and created an online template to be used by all staff in professional development workshops. 


I am passionate about creating digital lessons because it gives me the opportunity to target every learning style within each lesson; visual, written, audio, and interactive activities. Using these effectively within lessons can create a real impact on a student’s experience with education.

Digital interactive lessons

When designing the lessons, we try to create a fun but informative and engaging experience, for example, in a Japanese lesson where the students learn about colours; I created an interactive wardrobe for them to drag outfits into based on the instructions asking for ‘Blue Jeans’ or a ‘Pink top’.  Creating an educational play space for the student to intrinsically motivate themselves to learn. 


All lesson designs adhere to consistent design principles including the use of colours and visual breaks to separate text, highlight links, and differentiate between activities.

Personal development digital template

The Professional Development Template for the staff supports the creation of online workshops for the teachers to learn about pedagogy. When developing the template I used a similar flow in the design like that of an educational lesson. I wanted staff to experience and understand the students learning environment by experiencing it for themselves. 


The template has a professional neutral colour scheme, using negative space to assist navigation and comprehension of the courses. The template is accessible to a wide variety of skill sets to use when creating their professional development courses.

Website design

I worked on the website redesign team; our vision was to create a site that would be approachable to our many different users.  The sites clear visual hierarchy was essential to ensure any parent, any student, and any member of the public would all be able to navigate the site to obtain the information they required, quickly, and easily.  

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Contact Details​

Email: luciejanine@gmail.com

Phone: 07551785769