Lucie Edwards in 2021

We are sitting down with Lucie today to learn what has changed in the last three years since she last sat down with us here at Learning to Lead. 

Lucie Edwards

“I am currently loving my job, working hard as a senior digital designer in London, England.” 

—  Goal One, 2021

Lucie tell us, what are you doing now?


Currently, I am celebrating a promotion to Senior Digital Designer. With this new role, I will build the strategic direction for digital design in the company, ensuring we are the ones to push the proverbial envelope to be at the forefront of digital innovation and experience.



Well done, can you tell us a bit more about
the role, and why it was of interest to you?


As the Senior Digital Designer, I will be in charge of a small team of digital designers, who I will grow and work with on projects I brief into the team. I will manage the critical stakeholder relationships to ensure our deadlines are meet and our team's skill levels are driving forwards.


The role itself is a natural stepping stone on the path to Design Director, where you would set the direction for entire studio departments. I have always been passionate about optimization of work and experience, because no one has time in there lives for lousy design, navigating life should be as easy as we can make it, and I want to be in the business of improving lives.



What most excites you about this role?


Well, I would say the ability to drive new directions and initiatives, that I will be able to manage the project through the process really from end to end. 


This excites me as it will enable me to stretch my creative wings; as it were to experiment and learn from my team to create the optimal solution. Then seeing the execution of that solution and analyzing the result to ensure the initial goals are met. 


Thank you for your time today

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