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WW1 interactive board game

A game of chance or choice; this game was designed to use game play to educate our youth on WW1 for the centennial anniversary. Using game play to demonstrate to players no matter what strategies you use, war can be unforgiving and can affect life in multiple ways.


The game uses rules to allow a player to move through the play space in different ways with the opportunity to assist or ignore the needs of your fellow players.


At the end of the game, each player is awarded a country they most represented, based on their personal choices made throughout the game. 

The board

The board needed to be attractive to draw attention, sparking peoples curiosity and enticing them to play. The shape creates an intimate zone for the players, so they are immersed in the game.

The game

The most important component to making a game successful is knowing how to play. The rule book design had to make the rules clear and direct players on how to play to reduce loss of player interest after initial buy in. 

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