Broken Back Games

Graphic Designer 2015

After falling down a man hole in China, Mark Major decided to take that experience and make something of value. After creating the successful game Plummet, Mark started Broken Back Games, a crowd funded collaborative game development company. 


During the development of their second game, Plunge, they developed a Pledge Me campaign to fund it. I worked with the team, assisting in graphical element design, Pledge Me marketing elements, and go to market strategies. 

Game design

Plunge is a game based on Free Diving and William Trubridge, a Free dive champion. You are William in the game and the goal is to dive as deep as possible with out running out of air or bumping into any of the sea life on the way down. This is controlled by tilting your phone to move William side to side to avoid collisions. 

Pledge Me Campaign 

The Pledge Me campaign was launched with the focus that this game would bring awareness to our New Zealand Marine life, particularly the Hector Dolphin. The Campaign managed to raise the $10,000 needed to fund the development of the game. It was crucial the campaign had a clear strategy and well-understood plan to meet its goal.  


The primary challenge we had was understanding how we could display the information in an informative and easy to read manner. Our final outcome ensured that maximum information was absorbed by someone who may just scroll through the page before deciding if they would support the game development. 

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