Kitchen Utensils 

Honours year project

As humans in society today, independence is a point of pride. If you need to rely on assistance from an external product, this is seen as weakness. If we can ‘get by’ without, we do. This mentality does not help our long term health. Unfortunately, the population most affected by this is over 65’s.


We as a society are reaching a point where we don’t know how we will cope with this issue. The elephant in the room needs to be addressed productively, and design can help. Creating products that people will want to use, not just because it reduces pain but because it has visual appeal. 

The products

Affordance in product design is vital. The form should afford function, but even with this, it is still important to demonstrate features to show a point of difference to establish market value.


Using a short clip to demonstrate user interaction whilst maintaining emotive interest through narrative was used here to really understand the need for these in your kitchen. 

The report

I developed a report that documented my research over my honours year. I chose a simple layout with clean colours, developing the look and feel of a professional document. As you flick through the pages, the key points are broken up with images to refresh the reader, engaging the visual part of the brain to reinforce a depth of understanding. 


This report was designed to demonstrate a deep and emotive level of understanding of the ageing process.

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