I use empathy and courage to create meaningful design solutions

So, why courage?

  • You have to be brave to ask the questions that don't always have an easy answer

  • You need to understand when to dare to be bold, and know when it is valiant to hold back and listen

  • You must take opportunities to venture into the unknown

A little less controversial, but to keep consistency. Why do I think empathy?

  • You have to listen to grow your affinity with the problem

  • You need to build rapport so you can learn and become aware of burdens

  • You must understand the foreign, and identify your naivety.

About Lucie

The abbreviated story

After graduating in 2015 from Massey University with a degree in Industrial design (Hons); I worked in NZ as a designer for two years before completing the classic right of passage of moving to London. I have spent the last three years in London working as a UX designer, travelling, running a marathon and explaining how puff pastry does make a superior pie. 

My core skill set is in user experience design, user research, implementing design thinking into business workshops and facilitating persona building workshops.

Curriculum Vitae

I am Lucie, and simply, I solve problems

5 years experience

in design

UX certified: 1033890

Industrial design degree (Hons)

from Massey University 2015

I am experienced in working end to end on the design process developing interactive, responsive digital experiences including, site-maps, persona workshops, customer journey mapping, user testing, sprint ceremonies, hosting design sprints, ideation workshops and user interface for both websites and mobile applications.

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