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Lucie Edwards Portfolio

Hi, I am Lucie Edwards, a Product designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. This portfolio includes examples of previous projects from my nine years in the industry.

Welcome to my portfolio

(+64) 22 043 0951

I am a creative leader who uses design methodologies to create simple, intentional, and cohesive solutions. I have led design teams to shape thoughtful, inclusive solutions that drive commercial and customer value.

About me

Product Design

My product design approach focuses on creating thoughtful, inclusive, easy-to-use products through testing, learning, and iterating. Based on my experience, I have learned that innovation usually results from a well-executed product that aligns with the company's goals. To achieve this, I gather user feedback, analyse qualitative and quantitative data, and apply UX principles to design functional and seamless products that delight and engage users.

Service Design

My service design approach focuses on improving customer satisfaction, operational effectiveness and sustainability. To achieve this, I analyse and map the tangible (products, tools, workspace, environments, technology) and intangible (culture, community, expectations, processes) parts of the service to identify high-impact touchpoints and improvement opportunities to create experiences that meet customer and community needs. 

My hobbies

As a creative, I am constantly curious. I love to travel the world to discover different cultures and try new experiences. So far, this has ranged from running the original marathon course in Greece to standing on the edge of the mountains at Trolltunga in Norway.


Week to week, in my spare time, I love to experiment in pottery classes and play Netball.

Previous Projects

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